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I actually started writing this on Wednesday but my computer ran out of battery and got rid of the writing on this post. On Thursday, I was occupied.

I wanna start rapping but I want to make a different alias for it. This account will be for video game music and my other account will be for pop and other cool genres. I don't think I'll be abandoning HalYıl07(or WoolyScarf) by the way.

I'm gonna do the Duolingo course on Spanish and try to finish it because I took it for GCSE and I have a passion for the language now. Some of my friends have asked why I've picked Spanish(maybe because it's boring to them idk) but I'm very happy with what I've chosen. I want to do more things related to foreign languages in the future and that's another reason why I picked this.

In one component of computer science, we're learning about networking and it has to be one of the most interesting topics I've come across in CS. In another component, I'm learning how to code in Python and other stuff. Computer science is hard but fun to an extent. Some lessons are interesting, some lessons are boring af.

Geography has always been interesting to me so I don't see the barrier for the lack of interest just yet. Right now, I'm learning about rivers and deposition so that's fun.

Here's a meme to make you guys happy:


I posted this in a Discord server btw.

Have a good night, everybody!

Edit: I just realized that today is the day I've uploaded my first song. It's interesting to see what my music was like one year ago and what my music sounds like now.

I think I've already said this before but I used to have an idea that the internet was an unsafe place and the community could be really aggressive but you guys have made me realise that it's ok to make mistakes in my work and the internet can actually be a decent area with very kind, helpful people. You guys have given me courage to post more of my songs and transcend to be a better producer so I'm very grateful for that.

Thank you all so much for sticking around with me and giving me advice to make my music sound so much better than it was.

Good night, guys :)

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