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WoolyScarf's News

Posted by WoolyScarf - 22 hours ago

It's now half-term for me so I can produce some more music(depends on whether I want to or not).

Also, I got sent a soundfont and so far, it's really good! I'm making a track with a better piano. The song is 90 BPM and it's going to be a pop song. I just finished the first drop and I'm very excited to finish the rest.

Have a good day, everyone!


Posted by WoolyScarf - 2 days ago

Hi! I hope everyone is doing ok.

This week, nothing much has happened, which is kinda surprising...

It's nearly November, roughly around the time I started uploading here. Looking back at my old tracks, I'm really surprised how much I've improved. I imagine most producers would've taken about one more year to get where to I am. I'd like to thank everybody who has stayed around and have helped me improve as an artist. I don't think I can show my gratitude enough. When I came onto NG, I thought that anywhere outside of Scratch would be harsh but thanks to you guys, that's not how it turned out to be. I feel comfortable here and I'm not scared to upload my music anymore. I'm now a more confident person than I was before. Thank you all so much.

I just finished watching Squid Game. I've created a channel on my server for those who wanna talk about it(whether that's opinions, theories or whatever...). I hope there will be a season 2. Some people are saying that there will be a sequel, others think the opposite.

I think I'm gonna stop posting these news posts since almost nobody cares and I feel like I'm wasting about half an hour of my time writing these every Thursday(unless you guys enjoy it).

I found this funny image:


how sad ;-;

Alright, cya guys later! :)


Posted by WoolyScarf - 3 days ago




Posted by WoolyScarf - 7 days ago

Posted by WoolyScarf - 9 days ago

I decided to post these news posts on Thursday now because that's when I posted the last one last week.

School has been ok. The only problem is that I'm beginning to have some stress about being a decent student. I feel like I'm behind or something because I chose some classes with some very smart people and they are far more intelligent than me. I'm only average(probably not even that) and I have a few skills that are almost worthless(hopefully you already know what they are by judging what I upload on my profile).

My songs have been going downhill recently. They are either empty, they have bad mixing or I don't have enough motivation to finish them. All I can do right now is make remakes of my previous songs or songs I love. I made an edit of Dream Flower(I shared it in my Discord), I made a remake of Whirlpool(on my Discord too) and I just finished the first drop of Galaxias, which I haven't shared. I keep having the motivation to make a song when I listen to a track but when I reach my computer, I immediately forget it lmao.

I'm also facing the same personal stress I had when I got back from vacation(I don't want to talk about it). Other than these problems, I think I'm fine.

I'm on episode 6 of Squid Game. Honestly, it's been an awesome series so far! If you guys haven't seen it(and you're over at least the age of 13), I'd recommend you to watch it. Apparently, some primary school students are pretending to play Red-Light Green-Light and one of them shoots them with an imaginary gun if they lose. That's just a little messed up, they're only kids at the end of the day. How did their carers let them watch Squid Game? They shouldn't even be watching it!

Aside from that, I think I might make a separate channel on my server for those who wanna talk about Squid Game(teens and adults only). I've also been learning a few words by watching the series:

씨발 = Damn it/f*ck

그래 = Ok

한숨 = Sigh/exhale

I watch a little bit of Family Guy sometimes. Some of the episodes are funny, some of them are either boring or rude.

Other than the TV shows I just listed, I don't watch TV a lot. I don't watch that much YT either unless it's a 15-second meme or something really short.

By the way, I haven't given up on making that level yet, I think I'm nearly halfway through! :)

A level is also being made with my song! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OMeGHT9SdQ

I still find it hard to believe! Please follow Flakey, he's actually a decent creator in Geometry Dash.

I think I've said everything I needed to say. Have a good night, everyone!


Posted by WoolyScarf - 13 days ago

The last time I got my haircut was about 3 months ago, right before going on vacation. I grew my hair for 3 months and refused to cut it because I wanted to get something awesome like a bowl cut or one where the hair would come down my face(in other words, your average far-Asian hairstyles).

I decided in the end that I wanted something like this(without the lines obviously):


The hair was still long and it wasn't short AF like my previous haircuts.

My barber didn't do a bad job but he cut my hair too short and it wasn't what I wanted, yet I think I still look sick! :)

My brother got a better hairstyle than me though. I'm kind of jealous lol


Posted by WoolyScarf - 2 weeks ago

I decided to make a weekly news post about how I'm doing and my other ambitions. I will post one each Saturday but this week is an exception because I'm posting it now.

I'm still passionate about producing house, hardcore and pop music but I wanna start making piano music like L-Mity again. Recently, I've been listening to more solo-instrument tracks and I am more passionate about learning the piano than I was before. I might start again if I have the time.

About foreign language, I don't care what I'm gonna do with myself. If I wanna learn Putonghua and Indonesian at the same time(an example, although I'm interested in both languages), I will do that. As I said before, it's hard sticking to one language when you're interested in so many. Also, I've started watching Squid Game(don't spoil anything please, I'm begging you guys) and I want to learn Korean again, despite the people surrounding me want to watch it in English.

Remember I said that I was working on some rhythm game in Construct 2? I want to send a screenshot at some point and work on the game again.

On my old phone, I couldn't upload the photos I took in North Cyprus. On my new phone, I'm hoping I can and I'll give it a shot. They are very beautiful, in my opinion. :)

I think that's everything. Have a good night, everyone! :D


Posted by WoolyScarf - 2 weeks ago

I made funny variations to the Take Off 1:30 bit: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/558662371/

Posted by WoolyScarf - 3 weeks ago

The trial for my video editing software has expired so I can't make any more videos with that software. I used it to upload my music and I can't do that now. Sorry, everybody.


Posted by WoolyScarf - 3 weeks ago

I was trying to look for my old sketchbook for so long and today I finally found it!

Here is my drawing of Dorami's old pfp:


And here is my drawing of Neple's old pfp:


I'm really happy I found this book. There was one time I wanted to wake up at 3am and do crap since this seemed to be a trend then I drew these drawings.