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I was born in England. I am half North Cypriot, quarter Turkish and quarter Irish.
I make music and study languages.
I can speak Turkish. :pog:
Thanks for checking out my profile! :p

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WoolyScarf's News

Posted by WoolyScarf - 3 hours ago

Which pfp looks better?



or B:


They're both me, by the way. I have wavy hair, brown eyes(NOT BLUE, I FORGOT TO CHANGE THE EYE COLOUR, OK?) and because of my quarter Irish ethnicity, I have whiter skin, compared to the rest of my family, which theirs is a little darker.


Posted by WoolyScarf - 4 hours ago


It looked ugly anyway, I understand the animosity these girls are feeling, lol!

I'll make a new one, I'm sorry! XD



Posted by WoolyScarf - 19 hours ago

There's good news(:D) and there's bad news(:d)!

Good news:

I beat my first weekly demon! Yay! I beat it a second time too just so I can get an extra demon hehe! I have 19 demons now! I also got all of my skills in my Korean tree on Duolingo to level 2! I guess that's cool! :)

Let's put aside the good news since we're done with that and move onto the bad news:

I'm now choosing what I wanna do. The time has come for me to finally decide what subjects I'm gonna choose for my GCSE(yep, I'm that old).

For some reason, I have zero ideas of my career or what my favourite subject is. When I heard that I was going to pick my subjects(this was when I was in year 8(it got changed to year 9)), I was very excited but I never thought this was gonna be as stressful as I thought it was. I can only pick three subjects, not four anymore because I've missed a year of education(it's actually been somewhere around six months but one year was according to the teachers). :(

But because I have to choose either GG(geography) or history, I can only pick two. This is kinda dumb but logical at the same time. I also wanted to do triple science as well but I wasn't in the first set so I don't think I could.

My options are very limited and I'm scared this could impact my future career. I'm worried, I'm afraid and I'm not feeling too great right now. :(

I know I can still find a solution to this though, just like I do with all of my other problems!

Thank you for reading and I'll see you guys soon! :)

Posted by WoolyScarf - 1 day ago

Yo, look at what I found in my Boggle game boys!iu_251605_8298827.jpg


Posted by WoolyScarf - 2 days ago

If you wanna know a fact, I haven't paid anything to be a musician. I use a free software, with free plugins and I have the Cymatics Starter Sample Pack(which is free). So, yeah...

Posted by WoolyScarf - 4 days ago

Does anyone want a soundtrack for their game they're making? I can either make a new one or you can use a previous song of mine. Both methods are 100% free! You can use them for commercial uses as well!

Just remember to give credit and leave a link to my NG in the desc!



Posted by WoolyScarf - 6 days ago

I submitted my song to MrSuicideSheep and it got denied.

To be honest, I don't actually care. I knew and I still know that I have yet to become a good producer. The only thing I do care about is that it took about six days to get my response.

Dude, I was worried they weren't gonna come across my submission at all! But I suppose they came across it, which is a good thing. :)


Posted by WoolyScarf - 6 days ago

That demon was quite easy. I beat it in about an hour.



Posted by WoolyScarf - 8 days ago


Posted by WoolyScarf - 9 days ago

I have a 224-day streak in Duolingo. I'm s m o r t!