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WoolyScarf's News

Posted by WoolyScarf - September 15th, 2021

I know I advertised this a few times but I finally have something appealing about my server. It will be good(it probably isn't).

I have a channel for previews and shitposts that I have made. You can talk to me and do Q&A if you want. I make memes sometimes(they might be bad though). I've also made a library channel for anything related with education that you would like to post(foreign language, history, programming, etc...).

I think it'll be quite fun. Come and join! :)



Posted by WoolyScarf - September 1st, 2021

Just like every year, this feels so exciting yet so scary, especially since I'm going into Year 10(grade 9, I think) and I have chosen my subjects(computer science, Spanish and geography). I can't muck around anymore. Maybe there is less time to produce music or do anything fun like play GD, ADOFAI or Minecraft.

I really don't know how I'm going to do during this year. This could go really good, this could go really bad. I'm hyped but also frightened. I have to make the change myself and revise more. I can't wait for nothing to happen like I did last year.

I might do what 8BitKruno is doing(try and stay away from anything that's considered distracting). It seems like a good idea but I also wanna be somewhat active.

I'll try and do what I can.

Says the one who comes back online the next day:


Have a good night, everyone!



Posted by WoolyScarf - August 30th, 2021

So far, my Minecraft progress is ok. Right now, I'm just mining for ores and stuff. I'm also breeding and killing my animals for XP. Everything is cool!

I've focused on house music for a very long time now. I'm hoping at some point, I will begin to change my genre more. So far J-core, pop and hip-hop(old school though). I'll still make house music but not as frequent maybe.

By the way, I still haven't finished uploading the songs I made on holiday. I'm gonna try and upload the rest as soon as I can but it's hard finding the motivation to draw artwork for each video.

Have a good day, everybody!


Posted by WoolyScarf - August 28th, 2021

I had everything ready. My Ender Eyes, my enchanted diamond armour and equipment, my potions, etc...

I'm annoyed but if that was 12-year-old me raging, I would've probably broken the computer lmao

14-year-old me doesn't seem to care as much. I'm still upset but I know that I've been through worse problems so that's why I don't destroy the stuff in my room and shıt.

Good night, everybody!

EDIT: I was gonna be the first person in my house to legitimately clock the game so that's why dying in the stronghold without even getting in the End sucked.


Posted by WoolyScarf - August 25th, 2021

Come and join: https://discord.gg/JHAQBuvM

I don't actually know what to do in it though.


Posted by WoolyScarf - August 22nd, 2021

Long time no see, guys! I am back!

I have had a very fun, exciting break. I'm now ready to upload again.

I would like to share my pictures with you guys but my phone wouldn't let me. Sorry. I will use some of my photos as the album covers for my songs if I can.

I want to change my alias from WoolyScarf to HalYıl(short for Halit Yıldızdoğan(my fake full name I wanna use)). I don't like my current persona like I did last year. I think my new name will be better. The only problem is that I can't afford the Supporter upgrade for one more month so I'd still be known as WoolyScarf on here for a little while.

Many events have happened during these last four weeks, and I don't know what to write since so much has occurred.

I'll upload my music a little later but I am still recovering from personal problems so I might take a while.

Have a nice day, everyone! :D


Posted by WoolyScarf - July 22nd, 2021

I'll see you guys in about a month.

I hope y'all have a good holiday :)


Posted by WoolyScarf - July 21st, 2021

This might be my new PFP:

What do you guys think?


Obviously, it is not finished.

Also, I will still create levels in Geometry Dash while I'm on holiday so I don't think I'll be fully inactive. I'm still working on that other level but I also wanna try to make a Partition style level too.

I made some memes too:





(the photoshop is from Lapatata but the captions are by me)

Have a nice day, everyone! :)


Posted by WoolyScarf - July 20th, 2021

Maybe I can make a song within these three days. If I don't release it after these days are up, I will finish it when I get back.


Posted by WoolyScarf - July 19th, 2021

This will be exciting! They will be a part of an EP I'm making. :^)

Also, after I get back from vacation, I will continue my EP(if I am even able to go on holiday).