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WoolyScarf's News

Posted by WoolyScarf - June 19th, 2021

What is your Newgrounds interface like on computer?

Why is my interface looking so bad??? It's beginning to get on my nerves.

Here's an image:



Posted by WoolyScarf - June 17th, 2021

Thank you so much!

If you guys haven't done so, please follow @qskoo


Posted by WoolyScarf - June 15th, 2021

I might come back to LMMS sometimes and make a song otherwise I'm going to try and earn some money by working either online or IRL in order to buy FL Studio, as well as other plugins and VSTs I desire.

Apparently, Korean translation remote jobs are very popular. I'm surprised. I thought Korean was spoken in few countries(Korea, Japan, China, Russia, some central Asian countries(I think) and I believe there is a small Korean community in Istanbul). Unfortunately, a lot of my Korean has decayed thanks to lack of revision and I only remember the basic phrases.

Then there's room for other translation opportunities such as French, Spanish or Mandarin.

I briefly looked at what there was for English-Turkish remote jobs. They required a native speaker. I only speak the language well enough to speak to my family. Unfortunately I don't have as much of a vast range of vocabulary as I do in English. Don't forget that being a language interpreter involves topics such as speaking to foreign doctors/nurses, criminals and other roles in society. I don't have the vocab for these things.

As much as I would like to get a job as a language interpreter, I am not ready and I still have yet to become someone professional.

Anyway, let's talk about something else other than being a translator. Since I am not able to be what I just described, I will try to get a part-time job IRL. I'm thinking of working at my uncle's cafe if he needs employees. I might work at a mall. I might simply just be somebody who takes orders in a kebab restaurant. At this point, most things that will make me some cash.

I've been thinking about commissions and I will give them a go(meaning I will work on LMMS again, only when I'm not busy though).

What remote jobs would you guys recommend that would interest me? Feel free to let me know! :)

Have a good night, everyone! :D


Posted by WoolyScarf - June 14th, 2021

I'm thinking of refraining from using LMMS so don't expect very much music from me.

I'm gonna try and get a part-time job to earn some money. I don't even know if I can do that, thanks to CoronaVirusDisease19. I wanna buy FL Studio.

LMMS has cheap plugins ;-;

I might come back to LMMS either if I'm bored or if I actually have professional plugins and VSTs.

Posted by WoolyScarf - June 11th, 2021

My next song might either be house(hoping to make it sound much more different unlike my usual) or hardcore.

I'll get to trance if I can be bothered. If I don't do that yet, please remind me.

Have a good night, everyone! :)


Posted by WoolyScarf - June 10th, 2021

I wanna make a song other than house. I don't know what genre to make now. It would be nice if someone gave me a genre to study that's not too easy but not too difficult.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day! :)

Posted by WoolyScarf - June 9th, 2021

If we get to 50 followers, I'll reveal my arm.

If we get to 75 followers, I'll reveal my face being covered up by several accessories.

If we get to 100 followers, I'll reveal myself playing the piano(still with the accessories).

If we get to 500 followers(something I'll never reach), I'll reveal my actual face.

(btw, that all depends on if I'm getting trolled or not)


Posted by WoolyScarf - June 6th, 2021

Before I continued with my current song, I did a side project in which I made a solo instrument track.

It sounded too similar to Waiting for You by L-Mity so I didn't upload it here. I uploaded it to Scratch instead: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/541003810/

Listen to it if you want! :D


Posted by WoolyScarf - June 3rd, 2021


Posted by WoolyScarf - May 31st, 2021

Australia is not an island.

And why?

It has far too much landmass to be an island. It is the 10th biggest country in the world. Islands are considered to be small, not large.

Apparently, Australia is another name for Oceania so I clearly got mistaken for people classing a country as a continent.

This question will remain unanswered...