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WoolyScarf's News

Posted by WoolyScarf - May 29th, 2021


For the people who do listen to my songs on Soundclound, thank you all so much! Highly appreciated! :)


Posted by WoolyScarf - May 28th, 2021

My younger brother is inviting his friend for a sleepover. They are both planning on beating me up. XD

They also wanna cook beans at 2 AM as well lol.

This seems kinda fun already lmao


Posted by WoolyScarf - May 25th, 2021

As some of you guys may have noticed, I've just made a YouTube channel and uploaded only one video to it, featuring my song "Frost". This channel is currently a place to upload my music and the visualisers I have used.

I had some plans for my channel that I have either followed or abandoned. These are one of my plans.

Before I took music production more seriously, I wanted to become a polyglot YouTuber(someone who can speak more than six languages and often talks about linguistic topics) or talks about a language's vocabulary, grammar, history, and its similarities with other closer languages. Sometimes, I would've talked about English accents/ dialects if I felt like it.

The problem was that I didn't even speak a second language properly at the time. Also, when I was making my first video, I was losing motivation to continue and for some reason, I suddenly lost my interest in language study related to YouTube and I didn't really care what I was watching on there, as well as what I was doing with my time(whereas before, I was making sure I wasn't watching dumb content and making sure I wasn't doing anything too stupid).

I'm not saying that my interest in music production is bad, by the way. I am just saying that it's a shame that I'm not as enthusiastic as I was for languages before.

Also, thanks to lockdown and lack of motivation, I felt that I couldn't research what I needed to properly.

However, I'm thinking that I should try and create language-learning content again except I'm actually going to do it and not give up. I can almost speak a second language fluently so I don't see why I can't try this.

I'm hoping things will go according to plan.

Have a nice day! :)


Posted by WoolyScarf - May 23rd, 2021

My new song is almost finished! It should be done by tomorrow. :D

Song title: WoolyScarf - N___t_____

It's a fan song. :)


Posted by WoolyScarf - May 23rd, 2021


Just wondering, what is that he's putting into his mouth? It looks like some sort of protractor that is frozen.


Posted by WoolyScarf - May 22nd, 2021

In case you guys are wondering, I will usually leave and come back either due to a conflict(mostly at this point), I might be busy or I'm going somewhere such as vacation(very unlikely). I've DMed my very trusted followers about my emergency account.

I will try to be online on there while being online on this one though(if I don't leave).

I don't think I'm gonna actually quit unless I've been on here for a very long time or if I seriously want to quit. But you never know!


Also, I've been finding it quite hard to find the motivation to complete a song however I think I have just made a decent song and I'm gonna try to continue it.

Today, I'm going to refresh all of my skills on the Korean skill tree. :)

Have a nice day, everyone! ;)

Here's a funny meme I found *hehe*:



Posted by WoolyScarf - May 8th, 2021

My warning is gone and my video is on YouTube. Check it out if you want: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5hQxO793xw&t=20s


Posted by WoolyScarf - May 5th, 2021

Hi, I wanted to address this information because some people have used the messaging function in the right way and some people have used it in the wrong way so I thought I'd need to set up some regulations. Let's begin!

. Feel free to ask questions(as long as they're not rude!).

. If you want to talk with me, you can.

. Please remember that I'm a human being and I have feelings just like you so please don't disrespect me.

. If you wanna give me negative feedback on my work and it is too much to fit in the typing box of the review, you can discuss them with me in further details(again, don't say anything rude).

If your DM is downright disrespectful in any way or if it is spam, I will simply block you permanently so if I were you, you'd better be careful with what you put in that box.

I hope this helps! :)


Posted by WoolyScarf - May 4th, 2021

I'm making a new level in Geometry Dash. I'm not finished just yet but I really want to show you guys and I can take a few screenshots!iu_296557_8298827.webpiu_296558_8298827.webpiu_296559_8298827.webp

What do you guys think? Feel free to let me know! :D


Posted by WoolyScarf - May 2nd, 2021

Hey, everyone! What's up?

I have a few ideas in mind.

I'm thinking of making a YouTube channel sometime soon. I don't know how to make a visualiser though and I don't have very much technical skills.

I'm thinking of experimenting with a few genres(I've already done a few). I wanna finish that dubstep song, I wanna make hip-hop, trap, pop and slap house next.

I'm considering animating again. I am gonna try and make my animations longer and I will try to make the outline of the character move less.

Here's a few memes I made about a year ago during lockdown to make you guys chuckle(damn they were nostalgic):


*and 2021*



she do be lookin' kinda pretty doe

Anyway, see y'all soon!