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My Osu Progress

Posted by WoolyScarf - December 25th, 2020

I had Osu downloaded several weeks ago but I never had time to play it because I was going to upload my first video on my YouTube channel, which I had the didn't have the motivation to continue. I sounded very boring and I was also trying to find a decent video editing software. But anyway, enough about my YouTube channel progress.

So, I opened up Osu when I finally had the time and played for a little. Boy, you should've seen me play. I was terrible at first. I couldn't even beat one map apart from the New Beginnings one, which was extremely boring and was only just a tutorial.

I continued practising Peer Gynt for a while until I came across this other map. I forgot its name. I think it was something like "Dai*tai". I don't know. Unlike the other maps, this was pretty easy. It wasn't too easy but it wasn't too hard. I liked this map and I never got bored from losing.

At some point, I finally beat it. Man, I was pretty shocked. I tried Peer Gynt again and this time, I made some decent progress. Later on, I finally beat it. The look on my face, you should've seen it. Beating these maps to me were big accomplishments.

Next, I tried All In All, another map I thought was gonna take a while for me to beat. I completed the map. Yay!

I flew through the maps pretty quickly. There were a few more. One of the most memorable ones I played was Aurora. I took footage of beating that when recording. I also remember the cringy reaction that came with it when I finally beat it.

Later on, I came across this new gameplay called Taiko. When I was playing, I never realised that when a blue circle came, I was supposed to right-click. I realised that by just mucking around with the mouse until I finally made the dog-thingy happy by clicking the blue circle.

Then I played Bwa by Thaehan(I think that's how I spell his name). This level introduced me to the Catch gameplay. I remember Partition Zion making a video about the Catch gameplay in Osu. The Catch gameplay was pretty easy and I got the hang of it very quickly. Eventually, I became bored with the Catch gameplay.

A few more levels later and I finally beat every 1-star map! Hell yeah! ;D

2-star levels really became a notch harder by a lot.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this and I'll see you guys soon! :p



If you haven’t already, I suggest using your keyboard to click instead of your mouse. I believe the default keys are z and x.

Thanks a lot! :p