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My Opinion on Super Meat Boy Forever

Posted by WoolyScarf - December 27th, 2020

Honestly, I'm so frigging glad that SMB Forever is out! I thought that December 23rd was just gonna be another fake release date but nope, it was the day that the game finally came out. The game has actually been in the works for six years. I only heard about the sequel in late 2017. Boy, was I hyped...

I actually kept having dreams about the SMB sequel(let's not forget about GD 2.2 as well).

Enough about the intro and more about the real story.

For some reason, when the game finally released, I wasn't as hyped as I thought I would be. On 26th December(aka. boxing day), that is when my dad bought the game for me, on Epic Games. I was pretty excited to play the game. If the game has been in the works for 6 years, you know it's gonna be good. And was I right? Yep, I was.

But wait! I encountered another problem. My storage space was nearly coming to its end. Therefore, my game was running very slow. So I had to waste my time, getting rid of stuff I don't need anymore. Boy, I had a lot.

After deleting lots of stuff, I checked the amount of space I had on my local disc. It was finally blue, but the game was still running slow. I got rid of a bit more then eventually, my patience ran thin. I just played the game.

Here is my real opinion on the game:


I think it's nice that the developers changed the gameplay of the game. It feels different and I like it. You can punch, you can slide and you can even dash in the air as well! Personally, I prefer the gameplay of the first game more but it won't kill me if the developers are gonna experiment with the choice of it. I like auto runners a lot. Another interesting feature about the gameplay is that the levels are auto-generated, meaning the levels are created by themselves and you can't get anything like a walkthrough because everyone's levels will be different. That's such an incredible feature! :o

Gameplay Rating: 7/10

Moving on to design...


Honestly, I've never seen anything like it before. In the first game, the graphics were especially basic and they had very little detail. Don't get me wrong, I liked the graphics in the first one but they were very basic compared to the graphics we now have in the sequel. In SMB Forever, the quality of the graphics, the shading, just everything was splendid and it was all a beauty(sorry if this word seems a little strange) to look at. The cutscenes were splendid! I think it's nice that the shape of the sprites are a little more round too. I can also see that more gradients are being used in the artwork, I love that.

Design Rating: 8/10


I haven't listened to too much of the soundtrack because I've just got to the second chapter but what I can say is that it is really nice to listen to. I think compared to the other soundtracks for games Ridiculon have made in the past, this is my least favourite selection of soundtracks from them but don't get me wrong, they are nice to listen to. I can't really judge the theory of the track and everything like that because my area of knowledge in EDM is better than my area of knowledge in guitar. Forgive me.

Soundtrack Rating: 6/10

Overall game rating: 9/10

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading this. Are my news posts too detailed? Do they have very little detail? Are they interesting enough? Let me know! I'll see you guys soon! Have a nice day! :p



I never mentioned the cursed warpzones, did I? I'm never gonna get to them anyway since I'm a noob but I watched a video of a guy beating the cursed warpzones. The art in the warpzones was blursed(cursed and blessed). My favourite warpzone was number 2 where you had to test your meat. I found that both funny and very weird.