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One day wait...

Posted by WoolyScarf - January 11th, 2021

Tomorrow is my birthday(12.01). But for some reason, this time, I'm not pumped up as usual. I have less adrenaline than I usually do.

I remember my last birthday being very nostalgic. Why? There a lot of reasons.

I went to a Thai restaurant called Yum Yum and for some reason, I thought they spoke Mandarin Chinese there(because I never knew it was a Thai restaurant, I thought it was a central Asian restaurant). I also had a lot of fun learning the Mandarin language too, before I went.

Another thing, I remember getting two t-shirts where one looked a little decayed and had the Flash logo on it, and there was another one I received that had the elements Ba, Zn and Ga. I also got a bunch of long-sleeved shirts. Haha, do you see the theme? lmao(ok calm down it's not that funny). Yup, I got to dress up as the two t-shirt kid.

I also remember that a little before going to Yum Yum, I went to a trampolining place called Gravity. I have to say, the guys and gals who run that place really make bouncing a lot more fun than it actually seems.

I remember when I was recording myself with my brother just before it became my birthday. This was when staying up until midnight was a very cool thing and something only adults could do with their amazing free will, but it looks like I've proved that wrong, with my terrible sleep schedule. Right after my brother left the room, I have made another video to myself sharing my progress in my Japanese, showing my notes and everything.

Wait, but I thought I was learning Chinese. Look, yeah. It was a very complicating time. I couldn't make my mind up.

Then what's going on this year, especially when CoViD ruined everything? :

I have made a song for my birthday. It'll probably be the last OMFG style song I'll make in a while, especially since I am already making a house song. In the birthday song, I have finally tried using a different lead to make the song less boring. Behold...

My voice.

What I've done is I have made a saw with the TripleOscilator, made my melody, sent it to my phone(by Gmailing myself) and then I have played it next to my mouth, while making vowel and consonant shapes with my mouth.

But anyway, the next thing I am planning is to try and make my birthday somewhat nostalgic, like my last one. How? I don't know. But I'll try my best.

Another thing, how tf is this formal???iu_223631_8298827.jpg

Thank you for reading! :p



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