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Posted by WoolyScarf - January 24th, 2021


Sorry for the cringy-ass title. I thought it would stand out and appeal to people more.

Anyways, moving on! Today, I'm going to write about what I did for Pixel Day, my thoughts and opinions.


I was hoping it wasn't too late.

I was hoping it wasn't too late to quickly make some sort of entry and get in the contest. However, I just realised it was now January 23rd. I wasn't too bummed out since my original idea was not to participate. I might participate next year though.

The next thing I did was go to Newgrounds to see what happened and WOW, I was amazed...

When I have entered Newgrounds, everything looked like I was in a futuristic city, because of the wallpaper of course and colour scheme that went with the webpage. It was phenomenal. It felt as if I was on like, some sort of vacation, but in the neon city and everything. There is especially one thing you need to know about me. I love night views so much! They are insane, and they are breathtaking, especially when you have all the lights, screens and stuff!

BTW, there are nine references in this wallpaper. Whoever can guess them all gets a nice compliment. :3

Moving on to the things I've done...

Things I've done:

I decided to take a look at the top 3 picks in the games, art and music categories. I went to the art first.

There was some pretty decent art there. I thought my favourite one was the Pixel Day 2021 one. Don't get me wrong, the others were still good.

Now, I have looked at the games category. First place is Gappy 2. I remember playing the first one and it was decent. The second one was good, but it felt very similar to the first one. Don't forget that it's good to experiment with art and gameplay. The second place was Nightstalkers. Everything was good until the first boss. I didn't know how to defeat it and I was a sitting duck. I got bored trying again and again so I moved onto the third game, which I personally think is my favourite out of all three games, it's called Princess Squirrel. It was another platformer game, but this one was original and easier on me at first. The graphics looked really clean, I had lots of fun playing the game and I didn't get bored for a while. Moving on to the music...

First place is Battle Against Xin's Beanie. There is nothing much to discuss about the song other than I quite like it, apart from when the strange arpeggio came in at 0:28. Next song, which is my favourite song of the Pixel Day contest is Chippin' Dancin' Desert. I really like a mix of traditional music and modern music and that song cooperated both these elements, a Middle Eastern theme and a pixel theme. The beat was nice as well! Third place is Curtain Call on the Beach. I'm not really too sure what to say about this song other than I quite like it.

Other things I've done:

I didn't do very much during Pixel Day but I did watch a Grubhub ad that was made with like, a $3 budget. Then later, I watched a very creepy Grubhub meme. It was one by Surreal Entertainment so don't expect it to not be weird. I think it was the hardest I've ever laughed in my life. Unfortunately, that laughter lasted for a day though. Here's the link if you wanna watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGRhATpWYXg

I tried beating Invisible Clubstep and Retro Circles in GD. I don't play GD as often as I used to but it felt really nice coming back!


I had a pretty nice day and I had quite a bit of fun. I'll see you guys soon then! :p