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I know what I'm doing now.

Posted by WoolyScarf - June 15th, 2021

I might come back to LMMS sometimes and make a song otherwise I'm going to try and earn some money by working either online or IRL in order to buy FL Studio, as well as other plugins and VSTs I desire.

Apparently, Korean translation remote jobs are very popular. I'm surprised. I thought Korean was spoken in few countries(Korea, Japan, China, Russia, some central Asian countries(I think) and I believe there is a small Korean community in Istanbul). Unfortunately, a lot of my Korean has decayed thanks to lack of revision and I only remember the basic phrases.

Then there's room for other translation opportunities such as French, Spanish or Mandarin.

I briefly looked at what there was for English-Turkish remote jobs. They required a native speaker. I only speak the language well enough to speak to my family. Unfortunately I don't have as much of a vast range of vocabulary as I do in English. Don't forget that being a language interpreter involves topics such as speaking to foreign doctors/nurses, criminals and other roles in society. I don't have the vocab for these things.

As much as I would like to get a job as a language interpreter, I am not ready and I still have yet to become someone professional.

Anyway, let's talk about something else other than being a translator. Since I am not able to be what I just described, I will try to get a part-time job IRL. I'm thinking of working at my uncle's cafe if he needs employees. I might work at a mall. I might simply just be somebody who takes orders in a kebab restaurant. At this point, most things that will make me some cash.

I've been thinking about commissions and I will give them a go(meaning I will work on LMMS again, only when I'm not busy though).

What remote jobs would you guys recommend that would interest me? Feel free to let me know! :)

Have a good night, everyone! :D


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my only surviving grandparent has a friend who works in a lovely single coffee shop, and said i could work there in the holidays maybe. That sounds similar to what you're trying to do

Cool! Nice to see that me and you have similar desires :)