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Weird but funny to watch lmao

Edit: I have watched it too many times XD

This is kinda funny lol!

Your voice wasn't bad but the acting could do with some more work. Your English is also really good too!

I don't have very much to say about the animation since they are just assets.

You still did a good job though! :)

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It's gud

Cool! Now I know how to act in front of a girl hehe(jk)

Not bad! :D

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As much as it's sad to see you leave, I also understand that it's very difficult for you to produce much music right now.

Please take as much time as you need and I hope you recover from what you are currently suffering with.

I will wait for you and I'll see you later when you come back again.

Have a nice break. :)

Very fun and joyful!

If you cannot do white noise yet, at least use cymbals and reverse cymbals when the drop kicks in. I think people will be much more interested that way.

Also, I feel that the clap could be a little bit weaker and be a tiny bit wetter(In terms of reverb. Not too much though because it'll ruin the mix!)

Have you changed the BPM during the song? Part of the song sounds like trance and the other sounding like D&B(drum and bass).

You're getting better, man! Keep it up! :)

Hherdalaezian responds:

Ikr, some of it sounds dnb (the drop-thing in the second half) and the rest is trance.
I know about that clap, I also know where to find a better one too.
Thanks, as usual (:

Holy crap, this is awesome, dude! Keep it up! :D

GRMusic responds:

Thank you so much dude! . I really apreciate it <3

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Awesome! Is that your art on the banner? If so, congrats dude!

Awesome! :)

TrueWolfully responds:

Thank you!

Man, that's cool! ;)

DevonRex101 responds:

Im sick

This is actually my old logo. :)

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